Our Story

Hometowne Capital is a capital company offering solutions in the Rent-To-Own space. Our focus is specifically on outdoor products. This includes trailers, portable buildings and playsets.

Founded in 2009, our greatest assets are our uniquely skilled employees who facilitate an experience like no other for our sales partners and customers. By partnering with us to offer rent-to-own solutions to your customers, you can offer a simple and affordable way for your customers to own the things they need.

Our Team


“We exist to provide a simple and affordable solution for people to have the things they need when they need them.”



Core Values

Forward Momentum
We engage in intentional growth for ourselves and our business.

Radically Transparent
We do not withhold information.

Floor Sweepers
We do what needs to be done…OWN IT!

Generous Living
We are generous with our time, talents, and profits.

Christ Honoring
We do our work as unto the Lord.

Legacy Builders
We are laying the foundation for future generations.

Ship Burners
We are 100% committed to the mission/vision…no turning back!

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