September 28, 2017

Our Story

We are Hometowne Capital, founded in 2009. We are a bold, fun, and dedicated company helping you reach your goals. Whether it’s to learn more about rent to own or to grow your market and increase sales, we’re here for you. By partnering with us to offer rent-to-own solutions to your customers, you can offer a simple and affordable way for your customers to own the things they need.

From operations to customers service, our greatest asset is our employees and the unique skill set they bring to Hometowne Capital. We care deeply about giving both our sales partners and customers a rent-to-own experience like no other.

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We exist to make life better by offering a simple and affordable way for people to own the things they need.


We provide financial services to help people own the things they need.

Core Values:

Curiosity – We are always learning, always growing, always hungry, always curious.
Warrior spirit – We have a warrior’s spirit, a servant’s heart, and honor God in all we do.
Fun – We always have fun as we give our very best!
Simplicity – We believe in the power of simplicity on the far side of complexity.
Deliver – You can count on us.
Community – More than just a company, we are building community.