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Most dealers and manufacturers are familiar with the idea of rent to own, and what it means for their business. It is a way to open new markets and grow sales. Sounds good, right? It’s easy to make promises like this, but it’s harder to back it up.

Hometowne Difference for Sales Partners

Hometowne Capital is a little different in the way we do things. Operationally, we offer similar solutions to our sales partners like full payment within 48 hours, a 90-day same as cash program, and a point of sale system that helps your salespeople out in the lot as well as customers once they enter a contract.

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Hometowne Capital works a little differently than other rent to own companies. We are friendly, resourceful, and helpful in how we approach both customers and sales partners. Simply put, we deliver superior customer service and innovation that allows us to take care of our clients.

Sales Partner Resources

At Hometowne Capital, we are big believers in the art of the follow up. We really like written notes, one on one phone calls, and the sincerity those represent. In our industry, like yours, we appreciate repeat customers as well as those customers who tell their friends and neighbors about the buying process and how smooth it went.

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