Hometowne Difference for Sales Partners

Most dealers and manufacturers are familiar with the idea of rent to own, and what it means for their business. It is a way to open new markets and grow sales. Sounds good, right? It’s easy to make promises like this, but it’s harder to back it up.

Hometowne Capital is a little different in the way we do things. Operationally, we offer similar solutions to our sales partners like full payment within 48 hours, a 90-day same as cash program, and a point of sale system that helps your salespeople out in the lot as well as customers once they enter a contract.

Professional and Personal

Professionally and personally, we offer so much more. Check some of the differences you can expect when you partner with us:

  • We will provide your customers with a simple and affordable way to own the things they need.

  • We will work hard helping you make each rent to own customer a repeat customer.

  • We will deliver the necessary training for you and your sales reps to walk your customer down the rent to own pathway, increasing your overall sales, and providing one more customer with the power to bring it home!

  • We will provide you with metrics so you know where you stand in relation to your goals, and we will empower you with the necessary information to get ahead of the curve and stay there.

  • We will give you the personal attention you deserve so that you know without a doubt that Hometowne Capital is here for you. We are another valuable resource to help you and your business live up to its fullest potential.

  • We will take care of your customers with the utmost care and attention because that is what you would do. At the end of the day, we are an extension of you!

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