Why Rent-To-Own

Offering a rent-to-own is the perfect way to increase brand awareness in your market and give your customers a new way to own the things they need.

Hometowne Capital offers quick RTO turnaround. We understand there are often questions with the RTO process. We maintain our accessibility to you and your customers. There are no “after hours” call here – We are always ready to serve you!

Reasons To Consider Rent-To-Own

We do things a little differently at Hometowne Capital, from our friendly customer service to our easy-to-use payment app. If you have decided you’d like to explore rent to own, we would love the opportunity to connect you with a sales partner in your area to help you bring it home.

Our RTO solution allows you to bring home what you need when you need it.

  • For as much or as little time as you need it. Instead of driving all the way across town to the corporate storage building, why not store your things in your own backyard for a time period. When you’re ready to turn it back in, give us a call. We’ll arrange a pick up and you are not obligated to pay any further payments.

With a minimal initial payment, you’ll be able to spread your payments out over time

  • From a 24 month agreement to a 60 month agreement, you’ll be able to determine what payment and time period fits within your budget.
    We believe that everyone has a right to own the things they need!


Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the size and style of the building you are interested in. Generally, one month rent and a minimal security deposit is required to get started.

There is no interest rate. This is simply a monthly rental payment that, when completed, allows you to own the building you’ve been renting!

Yes, you will pay more than the cash price of the structure. However, it does spread your payments over a period of time, which can be very helpful, and there is also a discount for paying off the building early.

For sheds, the first payment is due one month from the date the structure is delivered.  For trailers, the first payment is due one month from the date you pick up the trailer.

While you are renting, you cannot make changes. You can make any customizations you want once payments have been completed and you are the owner!

Yes! You can put down a larger initial payment. The money will either go into your reserve account, which will lower your monthly payments, or it will be held in a deposit account and applied to the total due whenever you decide to pay off your

You may pay off your product at any time during the rental period. Whenever you choose to do so, you will receive a discount, based on the terms of your contract, off of the remaining rental. For example, if you signed a 36-month contract and have made 12 monthly rental payments, your discount percentage will be applied to the total of the remaining 24 months of rental payments.

Should life throw you a curveball or you simply don’t need the product, give us a call, and we will pick up the product. Compare this to financing with a bank where you are forced to continue payments or experience repossession.

We set our customers up on autopay during our welcome call. You can also make payments online by selecting “make a payment.” We also take payments over the phone by calling 615-857-2900.


Rent To Own Calculator

Our Calculator Will Help You Figure Your Payments!


Sales Partners

For sales partners looking for a way to broaden their market, offering a rent-to-own solution might be the perfect way to increase brand awareness in your market and give your customers a new way to own the things they need. Read more about who we are, and what makes us different from the other guys.

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