September 28, 2017

Why Rent To Own

We help our customers bring it home! Hometowne Capital offers simple and affordable rent to own solutions to help you own the things you need, when you need them.

Rent to own is a great solution for those who value the flexibility to hold on to cash, use an outdoor building for a certain period of time, or spread payments out over 24, 36 or up to 60 months. Whatever your reason is, our rent to own solution is simple, and our people are friendly, fun, and knowledgeable.

Reasons to consider rent to own:

  • Every season of life is unique. Whether it’s a recent move or a long-awaited retirement, there might be a reason you want to hold onto your cash...but you still need extra space or storage. This is where a rent to own solution can protect your cash and give you the extra storage you need.
  • A rent to own solution allows you to bring home the space you need for as much or as little time as you need it. Instead of driving all the way across town to the corporate storage building, why not store your things in your own backyard for a time period. When you’re ready to turn it back in, give us a call. We’ll arrange a pick up and you are not obligated to pay any further payments.
  • With a minimal initial payment, you’ll be able to spread your payments out over time. From a 24 month agreement to a 60 month agreement, you’ll be able to determine what payment and time period fits within your budget.
  • We believe that everyone has a right to own the things they need!

We do things a little differently at Hometowne Capital, from our friendly customer service to our easy-to-use payment app. If you have decided you’d like to explore rent to own, we would love the opportunity to connect you with a sales partner in your area to help you bring it home.

Sales Partners

For sales partners looking for a way to broaden their market, offering a rent to own solution might be the perfect way to increase brand awareness in your market and give your customers a new way to own the things they need. Read more about who we are, and what makes us different from the other guys.

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