Rent to Own Solutions

Hometowne Capital offers rent to own solutions to customers through our valued sales partners. From the first contact with a customer to the final payment, our goal is to treat everyone with the personal attention, respect, and dignity they deserve. It feels sweet to bring it home. Let us show you how simple that can be.
Educating Consumers

Rent to own can help you own the things you need. Learn if it’s a good fit for you.

Working with sales partners

We are a valuable resource to help you and your business live up to its fullest potential.

Taking care of customers

We are friendly and gracious as we guide customers through the pathway to ownership.

Connect with new customers by offering a simple and affordable way for people to own the things they need through Hometowne Capital

Our Team

Meet Our Hometowne Capital Team
Kent Lapp
Kent Lapp
Kent has created a culture of positivity, camaraderie, and efficiency. Kent works closely with the CEO to set the vision for the company and execute the strategy to bring results.
Hunter Clark
Hunter Clark
As the CEO, Hunter Clark inspires the team at Hometowne daily to reach their personal and professional goals. You’ll find him building relationships with sales partners to create new markets and grow their business.
Nick Maples
Nick Maples
Operations Guru
Nick is passionate about setting systems in place so that things are running as smooth and efficient for both customers and sales partners.
Mason Prophater
Mason Prophater
Customer Service Expert
From questions about payments to the best BBQ in Nashville, Mason uses his outgoing personality to connect with our customers and make them feel like part of our family.

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