Truck pulling rent-to-own trailer with tractor on it

Dealer Resources

Thank you for partnering with Hometowne Capital to bring simple and affordable solutions to your customers! Here you will find dealer resources to assist you in completing and submitting rent-to-own contracts and documentation. As our dealer network grows, we will work to provide additional resources. If you have questions, please contact your sales representative directly or call us at 615-857-2900.

tractor on trailer

Dealer Training

Hometowne Capital partners with RTO Streamline for rent-to-own contracting.
This video will walk through the dealer process of entering a contract, uploading documentation and submitting a contract for approval.
This is a starting point on how we want to support you.

Please contact your sales representative with any questions.

Hi-Resolution Video (135 MB)

Lo-Resolution Video (70 MB)